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Bordeaux & Beyond were very proud sponsors of the 10Km night run in Bouliac last night and we were delighted to be represented by four of our agents; Clare Eymauzy, Elaine Brun, Neil Robinson and Pierre Rocherie.  The team put in a sterling effort and their very serious training regime paid dividends.  The warm up consisted of a glass wine or a cold beer and once the finish line was crossed the cool down was very similar! The winner crossed the line in 33 minutes, the quickest of the BB team completed the course in just under 45 minutes and even the most leisurely was just over an hour. The BB stand was manned by other members of the team who raffled a gourmet hamper and some Union Bordeaux Begles merchandise that was kindly donated by player Vadim Cobilas.  Vadim and his wife will shortly be moving into the area courtesy of Bordeaux & Beyond and it was a great welcome by the people of Bouliac to one of their new residents.  We are extremely proud of our team and the effort they put into the organization of the event and of course during the race itself.   

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