Louis Cavender

Louis Cavender

“Proud to work with such a dynamic and motivated team, we are taking Bordeaux & Beyond to new heights.”

I proudly hold dual British and French citizenship, enjoying the best of both worlds. Originally from the United Kingdom, my family whisked me off to the charming landscapes of France when I was just three years old. This early adventure not only gave me a taste for chocolatines but also ignited a passion for connecting with people from all walks of life.

Fast forward a bit, and I've spent over a decade navigating the dynamic world of business commerce. For twelve and a half years, I honed my skills and expertise at a major IT company, significantly contributing to its success and growth in the French market. My journey in the information technology realm sharpened my skills in understanding market trends, building lasting client relationships, and developing the strategic vision needed for the ever-evolving real estate industry.

Now, I've embraced a new role as the Commercial Director at Bordeaux & Beyond. It's an exciting chapter in my career, allowing me to bring a wealth of experience to a fresh and thrilling challenge. In this role, I am at the forefront of steering the team towards greater heights. My goal? To leverage my business savvy to create fresh partnerships and drive the success of Bordeaux & Beyond.

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